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Areas of Practice

Stafford Law operates a niche corporate and commercial law practice that focuses on

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Private Equity and Venture Capital

We provide thorough legal advice and strategy to clients at every stage of the fund lifecycle. Our profound knowledge of the regulatory framework relating to private equity enables us to work on a wide range of transactions in this sector.

Legal advisory services towards the set-up of a sovereign development finance fund in Ghana.

Legal advisory services for an international/Pan African PE fund management company on legal and tax study on fund domiciliation.

Advisory services on legal and tax structure for Fund of Funds, in Ghana.

Advisory services to a World Bank-supported innovative and pioneer impact investing company that invests in local SMEs with a focus on climate and green technology, climate-smart agriculture, renewable energy, and waste management.

Supporting and drafting of required documents for registration of funds and fund managers with the regulatory agencies.

Legal due diligence on investee companies to advise private equity and venture capital fund investments, on any legal issues that will put their investment at risk.

Legal advisory services to a private equity fund in the acquisition of a Ghanaian fruit and vegetable distribution company.

Legal due diligence services to international cement manufacturer in respect of investment in a Ghanaian company in the business of manufacturing and processing of non-precious minerals.

Due diligence and transaction advisory services in respect of the acquisition of a large paint manufacturing and exporting company, by a private equity investment company.

Due diligence and transaction advisory services in respect of the acquisition of a majority stake in a leading outdoor advertising company (by a private equity investment company).



We manage complex financing transactions and advise clients on all aspects of the law relating to finance.

Advising Calyon on various structured products providing option-like returns to investors linked to the performance of an equity index or a basket comprising stocks and/or commodities.

Advising UBS AG on a number of issues of structured certificates providing returns linked to a range of underlying including commodity and equity baskets and single share.

Advising Barclays Global Investors on the launch of 3 iShares exchange traded funds, which were listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Advising Barclays Capital on establishing a panel required for the development of their products.

Advising BNP Paribas on various Structured Products.

Advising Nomura International plc on various finance instruments.

Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance

We have long-standing experience in delivering innovative legal advice globally on Islamic finance transactions to conventional banks, Islamic financial institutions, regulatory authorities and corporates.

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in Islamic finance law across a range of Shariah-compliant structures, including market-leading experience in Sukuk (financial certificate/non-interest bearing bond), Mudaraba (profit and loss sharing partnership), Murabaha (cost-plus financing), Istisna’a (long-terms sales contract for manufacturing and commodities), Ijara (Leasing) and Musharakah (joint venture) financings and Takaful (insurance) deals.

As well as having significant transactional experience, our lawyers regularly advise clients on Shariah governance matters including the establishment of Shariah supervisory boards required for the transactions to ensure their compliance with the requisite standards. 

Advising a Saudi company on the impact of a change of control within the group on their underlying joint venture transaction arrangements which are governed by English law.

Advising a UK company on the issuance of an alternative investment bond and reviewing of all the underlying transaction documents.

Advising a Swedish export credit company in relation to their financial instruments.

Advising an international finance company on the development of the first Russian cost-plus financing program designed for financing of raw materials supplies for Russian manufacturers.

Advising HM Treasury on their proposed structures for the issue of a UK Government Sterling Alternative Finance Bond.

Responding to HMT consultation paper on the potential for the UK Government to become an issuer of sterling Alternative financial instruments.

Responding to the HMT/FSA Consultation paper on Alternative Investment Bonds.

Advising Financial Services Authority on regulatory treatment of Alternative Investment Bonds in the UK.

Advising HMRC (as part of the HMRC Technical Group) on structure of securities transactions in order to facilitate relevant changes in Finance Act 2007 and subsequent acts.

Advising BNP Paribas as lead arrangers and one of the lead managers along with Arab Bank plc and Samba Financial Group) on a US$650 million trust certificates due 2012 for Saad Trading, Contracting and Financial Services Company.

Advising Kuwait Financial House (Bahrain) on the issue of trust certificates worth US$200 million by Diyaar Sukuk Company.

Advising Amar Financing and Leasing Company as structuring and financing advisors (along with Kuwait Financial Centre S.A.K. and Rasameel Structured Finance Company) on their issue of US$30 million trust certificates for Kuwait Commercial Markets Company.



We provide advice on a wide range of domestic and international transactions across a wide range of sectors.

Legal advisory services in respect of digital terrestrial television migration contract between Government of Ghana and leading indigenous international Telecom services provider.

Legal advisory services in respect of digital terrestrial television and rural telephony agreement between Ghanaian telecom services provider and Liberian Telecom Authority.

Legal advisory services for the provision of digital terrestrial television and rural telephony services by Ghanaian telecom services provider to the Government of Sierra Leone.

The project company and sponsors of the Jawa Power (Paiton II) project in Indonesia on its successful restructuring and financial rescheduling of multi-sourced facilities with commercial banks, US investors, US Ex-Im Bank, Hermes and KfW. Work involved amending the main agreements (such as the Common Terms Agreement, Eximbank Credit Agreement, Accounts Agreement, Guarantee Agreement against Political Risks and Equity Support Agreement) in order to reflect changes pursuant to the amending agreements. In addition work on this project included collecting the conditions precedents and signatures from clients and other firms for the Jawa Power refinancing.

Powergen on the acquisition of Midlands Electricity and TXU Group’s electricity generation and supply business. Work involved conducting due diligence on all documents relevant to this transaction in order to determine the consents and novations required.

Powergen in relation to on-sale of Midlands Power (Uch) Ltd and Midlands Power Services Ltd to International Power. Work involved drafting Deed of Amendment and Restatement in order to amend and restate the Original Deed and Warranty Exclusion Letter, amending and restating the Original Agreement and the Warranty Exclusion Letter. Work also involved liaising with counsel in Pakistan with regards to certain contracts governed by the laws of Pakistan and drafting Powers of Attorney for our client.

Gaz de France in relation to their purchase of Shotton CHP. Work involved conducting due diligence in data room in order to review documents relating to Interim Receivership Arrangements and responses to requests for further information. Drafting summaries of the Interim Receivership Arrangement Agreement for the due diligence report. Drafting Accession Agreement and Novation Agreements. Marking up the Sale and Purchase Agreement and ensuring conformity with our standard form.

Manchester Tram Company in relation to its bid for the construction of Manchester Tramlink Phase 3 and in relation to the Concession Agreement. Drafting clauses in the Concession Agreement and incorporating clauses that were agreed upon into the Concession Agreement. Researching various points of law that arose in relation to the Concession Agreement and drafting notes to the client with respect to the same. Drafting notes on commercial issues. Drafting indicative Term Sheet for the Construction Contract.

Innisfree M&G PPP Fund (a secondary market equity fund) in relation to its acquisition of certain UK PFI assets. Responsible for drafting due diligence reports on four waste projects which involved review of financing structures, group structures and assessment of all main documents in order to assess the SPV risks, restrictions on cash extraction, corporate arrangements, disputes and outstanding issues concerning each project.



Our tax lawyers provide comprehensive legal advice covering all areas of Ghanaian tax law and tax regime.  We advise domestic and international companies across various industries. Due to our long-standing experience in Ghanaian tax law we are able to provide comprehensive tax legal services for all corporate, finance and real estate transactions.

Legal advisory services for an international/Pan African PE fund management company on legal and tax study on fund domiciliation.

Advisory services on legal and tax structure for Fund of Funds, in Ghana.

Retained legal counsel for several local SMEs and international companies providing on-going legal advice on Ghanaian tax matters.

Business & Investment

Business & Investment

We provide local and international companies legal advice with regards to their establishment, corporate governance and business operations. We specialise in providing legal advice on investments to our clients and ensuring compliance with the legal and regulatory framework.

Retained legal counsel for several local SMEs and international companies on-going legal advisory services on set-up and structure of investment in Ghana, maintenance of corporate status, corporate governance & compliance, negotiating deals & transactions, and legal and employment issues in business operations.

Advisory services to shareholders of an internationally branded 4-star hotel chain in Ghana in respect of various aspects of its franchise agreement, compliance and its business activities.

Corporate governance advisory and training to boards and company secretaries on the requirements of Ghanaian laws.

Retained legal advisor to general insurance company on governance, compliance and HR matters.

Retained legal counsel to life insurance companies on registration of technology transfer, compliance and HR matters.

Real Estate

Real Estate

We provide legal advice with regards to a wide range of real estate and property transactions.

Legal due diligence services on lands located in Ghana.

Legal advisory services on several real estate transactions, including drafting of contracts and conveyancing services, obtaining consent and plotting, and registration of land interests.

Retained legal counsel for major real estate company on land acquisition, sales contracts and conveyancing.

Due diligence and title advisory services to mortgage company on status of property title and remedial actions.

Lease extension negotiation and conveyancing services to beach front property developers.

Company Secretarial Services

Company Secretarial Services

We provide company secretarial for several companies, advising on compliance with applicable law, attendance at board and shareholder meetings, maintaining statutory registers, statutory filings, and corporate compliance training.

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